DSmithScenes Concert & Cultural Photography
Concert and Cultural Photography by David A. Smith
Foo Fighters in Birmingham, Alabama

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The homepage for DSmithScenes Concert & Cultural Photography, which is based in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

DSmithScenes Concert & Cultural Photography

Based in the Birmingham, Alabama area

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters performs in concert at Legacy Arena at the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center in Birmingham, Alabama on October 26th, 2017. (Photo by David A. Smith/DSmithScenes)

Welcome to DSmithScenes Concert & Cultural Photography!

My name is David A. Smith, and I'm a Birmingham, Alabama based photographer focusing on concert photography along with cultural event photography. DSmithScenes is the brand and name I use to explore those genres of photography. I invite you to explore the site, including the official blog along with the cultural event photography and places/travel photography sections. Do also take a visit to my concert photography print store and my places/travel photography print store to find samples of my work that are available for purchase. There are also numerous other galleries to explore and discover. I hope you take the time to find them all and enjoy my visual interpretations of reality.

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