David A. Smith of DSmithScenes Concert and Cultural Photography

Welcome to DSmithScenes Concert & Cultural Photography

Greetings and thanks for visiting! If you reached this page looking for something else, it is because a link has expired, which is a nice way of saying I deleted it. I do hope you stick around, though, and see what the rest of the site has to offer. If not, no worries.

First and foremost, DSmithScenes is an extension of DSmithImages, which has been my photography brand since I jumped feet first down this wonderfully crazy rabbit hole. DSmithImages and DSmithScenes are taken from my name, which is David A. Smith. David Smith is an incredibly common name, even among photographers, so this was my way of setting myself out from the rest of the pack. 

For years now, DSmithImages has provided wedding and portrait photography for clients throughout the state of Alabama and the southeastern United States. I sincerely love photographing these events for people, and it is something I plan on doing for as long as I am able to do so.

That being said, however, I have never wished to limit myself to just those photographic outlets.  I have always loved to photograph concerts and other cultural events, whether it was during my time living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama or my current home in the Birmingham, Alabama area. I also consider Atlanta, Georgia a home away from home since I photograph there a good bit as well.

I say current home, but the Birmingham area has really always been my home. I was born and raised in the area and have lived here all but 13 years, which were spent in the equally fantastic location of Tuscaloosa.

I love the thrill of photographing concerts. It puts me in a place that is hard to describe, but it's something I genuinely enjoy doing. From my days of photographing local bands in cramp and poorly lit bars to my current opportunities to photograph major touring acts, documenting concerts puts me in a happy and content place. 

I love being in the pit and in front of the entire crowd and having only a small portion in relation to the rest of the set to capture the story of a particular show. It is a rush, a thrill, and a welcomed challenge.

The emotion, the energy, the production... I love it all. That's what I look for when I photograph live music. That's what I look for when I photograph anything to be honest. I want the life and the passion to be captured as best as possible. 

DSmithScenes was developed as a way to give my work in those fields a proper online outlet and platform.  I didn't feel it would be fair to showcase my concert and cultural photography with my wedding and portrait photography and vice versa. They each needed their own separate space and proper attention.

I went with the name "DSmithScenes" for a couple of reasons.  One, honestly, was to continue the naming trend I started with "DSmithImages" and DSmithGalleries, my now defunct blog site.

The other was to emphasize what I wanted to focus on with this site.  I fully believe in documenting a particular location's cultural scene so it was quite easy to settle on the "DSmithScenes" name. The scenes you'll see here mostly focus on the Birmingham and Atlanta areas, but I do love branching out to other locations as well.

Scenes, big and small, exist everywhere and they need to be documented. My years and hard work of documenting the local scene in Tuscaloosa resulted in me being able to document the major concerts that come through Birmingham and Atlanta. It has also allowed my work to be seen in such outlets as Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Billboard, Pitchfork, and many others across the world. 

That being said, I want to thank you again for visiting. I hope you enjoy what you see as much as I enjoyed photographing it!